We Are Unibus

From the heart of Mendoza, Argentina, we stand as the vanguard in the long-distance bus mobility industry. Having evolved from our original brand, TicketOnline, we've expanded our horizons, becoming much more than just a simple ticket sales platform.

Our vision is to be a modern and innovative company. With our advanced software systems, we streamline and enhance the online purchasing experience, connecting travelers to over 30,000 destinations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and beyond.

Our team does more than just work; we celebrate, learn, and stay motivated every day. We are comprised of outstanding professionals in areas such as Design, Systems Engineering, Marketing, and Customer Service.

We were pioneers in the region: we introduced the e-ticket in South America, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating the need for paper, printers, and inks that harm our environment. This initiative reflects our genuine commitment to the planet and to driving positive change in the industry.

Attracting a consistent flow of over 30,000 daily visitors, we've earned the trust of both our customers and providers, ensuring that innovation reaches every traveler who chooses us. All our tickets are exclusively purchased through our platform or the official agency of the transport company.

Powered by Voyenbus.com, we are poised to continue leading and revolutionizing the sector.