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Hey there, fellow adventurer! If you're diving deep into the wonders of Argentina, let me tell you: is the ultimate road companion. Since 2004, they've been the pro-tip for exploring every corner of this epic country with ease and style.

For Those Chasing the South American Dream

We get it. Experiencing a new country is a rush. Whether you’re hopping over from Brazil, Chile, Peru, or cruising down from further north or across the pond from Europe, UNIBUS guarantees the smoothest ride around. They know the routes, the must-sees, and they'll make sure you dig every mile of the journey.

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With an intuitive platform, available in multiple languages, snagging your tickets is a breeze. Got questions or need some pro-tips? Their customer service team is on point and ready to help out anytime.

All of Argentina, Unlocked

From the bustling vibes of Buenos Aires, the jaw-dropping beauty of Iguazú falls, to the wonderful vineyards of Mendoza (You can also cross from Mendoza to Chile through the "Paso del Libertador"), UNIBUS hooks you up with over 4,800 destinations. Keen to venture off the beaten path? They got you covered there too.

Traveling from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza

If you're journeying from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza, or making the trip in reverse, there's a travel tip you won't want to miss: is your ultimate travel companion. Not only is this border crossing a bustling hub for international travelers, but with UNIBUS, you unlock connections to every province in Argentina. Whether you're heading to or from Chile, planning your journey with UNIBUS ensures a smooth and comprehensive travel experience. Dive into the richness of Argentina with the best connections at your fingertips.

And here's a game-changer: With UNIBUS, you're guaranteed top-notch service and responsiveness. Why? Because we connect you directly with the bus companies. No middlemen, like those international platforms. Speak directly to the experts, the real insiders. Hop on board with

Peace of Mind on Your Argentine Adventure

Navigating foreign lands requires some trust. With UNIBUS, you can chill. Your info is locked down tight, and there's a bunch of payment options tailored just for international wanderers like us.

UNIBUS: More Than Just A Ride, It's THE Experience

UNIBUS isn’t just about getting from A to B. It’s about diving deep into Argentina, falling in love with its beats, and having the confidence that, every step of the way, UNIBUS has got your back. So, ready to explore Argentina the right way? Let’s roll!